Hotel Benedetti is a few kilometres far from Assisi, and is beautifully sited. Places of great historical and naturalistic importance such as Cascia and Norcia or Marmore Falls (one of the most fascinating human works, dating back to the Roman Age) are just a few kilometres far from Campello. The Hotel can be easily reached from the most important roads such as Freeway E45. For other means of transport, please check web sites of Trenitalia, Via Michelin (by car), Alitalia.


Location Distance
Assisi 36 Km
Cascia 51 Km
Cascate delle Marmore 45 Km
Norcia 46 Km
Spoleto 11 Km
Foligno 17 Km
Orvieto 91 Km
Perugia 53 Km
Terni 40 Km
Roma 153 Km
Firenze 201 Km